Saturday, May 12, 2018

Invocation - New Mexico State University Afternoon Graduation - May 12, 2018

Eternal One,
God our Creator,
Sustainer of us all,
Gracious giver of knowledge, 
Be present with these students  
As they celebrate this milestone
Developing new skills,
Building confidence,
Creating a foundation for growth
And creating a community of mutual support
With peers and classmates
With family members and friends
That will accompany them along their future path. 
May their learning direct them to further exploration
Of their chosen field
So that they can share their special gifts
With a world that needs their enthusiasm,
Ingenuity, and spirit. 
Help them understand that challenges along the way
Can teach them new lessons 
About themselves
about their abilities 
And about how what they have learned here
Will continue to make them strong in any and every situation. 
Bless them with optimism and humility 
And a sense that expertise does not necessarily mean  
knowing all the answers 
But knowing where to find them. 
May their search for the right community, the right position, 
The right work 
Bring them towards their goals
And fill them with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction
And even happiness. 
And may they remember what administrators, faculty and staff
Have made possible for them at this university
Providing them with possibilities for themselves they may have never imagined.  
Source of life, M’kor Chayim,
Grant blessing to all who are here today and bring us all, together, to a future filled with with light and hope.

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