Thursday, May 3, 2018

A prayer for every nation

I know that the National Day of Prayer events are happening around the country today.

I have usually not been included in these gatherings. 
But I still pray.  

Here is my Prayer for today.

Eternal God,
Creator and Sustainer of all humanity
Every day is a day to pour out our hearts to you
To express our hopes 
For well-being, strength and hope. 
You are our Witness to our most unified moments and a Presence that stand with us at those times. 
You are our Conscience when our words and actions cause hurt and insult and foment division and hatred. 
You are a Liberator for those who seek to escape oppression
You are a Provider when you give us the abilities to help each other through the challenges we face daily. 
You are a Healer when we are mired in illness and grief. 
You are a Peacemaker when conflict seems to rule the day.
You are a Teacher who shows us how to live and to love one another as ourselves. 
May we be Your eyes, ears, hands and hearts that can bring Your Oneness to every single soul
Not only in our nation
But throughout the world. 
Be our shelter
Give us blessing
In every moment.

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