Thursday, June 21, 2018

Guide of the Seeker - A Prayer for kindness and hospitality - Invocation for Temple Beth-El Las Cruces Board meeting on June 21, 2018

Eternal God,

Guide of the seeker, 

Protector of those fleeing the danger in their homes, 

Beacon to wanderers, both parents and children, winding their way to freedom, 

Provider for our needs who works through us to offer hospitality to the destitute, the traveler, the refugee, the lover of liberty looking for security and safety, 

Open our eyes to a world where there is enough kindness to give

To overcome the violence that others perpetrate in places far and near. 

Inspire in us the resolve to view others with compassion rather than suspicion, 

With understanding rather than rejection, 

And with a desire to work together rather than focusing on ways to drive us apart. 

Remind us of those who came before us,

Who prayed to You along their journey

As they faced an uncertain future in a land they were told was golden, 

A nation that likely looked a little like paradise compared to the villages from whence they came. 

Help us to make this country a little more like the paradise our ancestors sought out

Through promoting greater respect, support and openness 

In the place of fomenting fear and hatred towards people whom we really do not yet know. 

Reveal to us the best that is in us so that we will approach our fellow human beings

With trust, with a heartfelt welcome, and with sincere smiles.   

May the borders of our souls be open enough

To enable us to extend a hand

To seekers

To wanderers

To travelers

To the destitute

To the refugee

To the lovers of liberty 

Who believe that love is something we can share 

That will cause the divides between us to disappear

So that we will finally truly reflect the Oneness

Of the One

Who made us to be 



And whole.

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