Tuesday, June 5, 2018

A Volunteer’s Prayer - June 5, 2018 (revised) - for the Jewish Federation of Greater El Paso Volunteer of the Year Awards

A Volunteer’s Prayer (By Larry Karol - revised on June 5, 2018) 

Eternal One, Creator and Sustainer of all life,

help me to serve

with a sense of selflessness and a generosity of spirit.

Teach me that even the small tasks that I do can be great

and that every time I step forward,

I am seeking to raise myself to a higher place

as I join others in creating and shaping a sacred community.

Help me to see that healing comes

from the patience and forgiveness

that I offer to others and to myself,

and that warmth is generated when I willingly extend an open hand

to a newcomer who seeks a sense of belonging

or to a member who hopes to deepen

his or her commitment to our heritage.

Remind me that, as I serve, I set an example

of what our community can and should be:

a place that reflects the best values of our tradition,

including unity, equality, cooperation, mutual respect,

compassion, and humility.

Enable me to understand that what I do is for Your sake,

that the reward for my volunteerism

is the overwhelming feeling of connection that I derive from giving.

Instill in me a sense of gratitudefor the opportunity to give. 

Imbue in me  a desire to show others how grateful I am

that they, also, have been willing to serve, to give, to help,

and to create lasting partnerships and friendships among members of all ages.

Grant me the wisdom to see 

that I need to be present in many ways for my fellow community members

in times of sorrow, offering support and hope.

Give me the insight to foster a sense of celebration and joy

when we mark life’s milestones

and when our collaboration yields new ideas,

ongoing successes and growth.

May I join with my community to create a culture of honor

which will always highlight how the intangible gifts

that each of us can bring to our community

will make others want to join us along our common journey.

L’chayim – to life – for all of us as we seek the One

who keeps us alive, who sustains us, and who brings us

to each new chance to serve and share.

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