Thursday, April 19, 2018

Invocation - Temple Beth-El Las Cruces Board Meeting - April 19, 2018

God of love and understanding,

Of cooperation and peace, 

On this 75th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising,

Strengthen our resolve to believe in and act upon 

Our individual vision and communal mission

Remembering those who undertook a fight that might have been 

Futile from the start

In order to assert the freedom they felt in their hearts

As Jews and as human beings. 

On this 70th anniversary of the declaration 

Of the State of Israel as a modern Jewish nation, 

Help us to turn our eyes towards that land 

Mindful of ties to our people and our history.

May we ever renew our connections to the people who live there

Of whatever background and religion, 

As they seek to put the values of our Jewish heritage into practice. 

Enable them to overcome disputes and disagreements

That might prevent a deeper sense of shared purpose and unity 

And may we rediscover in ourselves a desire to support their quest

For the common good, for liberty, for equality, and for the blessing of a peaceful life. 

On this 23rd anniversary of the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, keep us vigilant to notice and sense any indication that seeds of bigotry have taken root in fellow citizens who may be easily swayed into blaming a particular group for their failures, their challenges, and their personal pain.   May we find partners among people from all cultures and faiths in promoting a greater knowledge of our respective customs and beliefs, so that anyone who may be seen only as a feared stranger may ultimately be viewed as a trusted neighbor. 

And may this day and every day give us the opportunity to join together in common and sacred purpose as we build a community and congregation based on prized values, mutual respect, and enduring hope for a bright and secure future.   

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