Thursday, March 15, 2018

Invocation - Temple Beth-El Las Cruces Board Meeting - March 15, 2018

Eternal God,

Source of wisdom,

Revealer of truth,

Beacon of integrity, 

Inspire us to tread a path of honesty and good intentions. 

Open our eyes to see when enthusiasm and creativity

Have right action and sound policy as their purpose. 

Remind us that when our disagreements are for your sake,

And in the service of goodness and communal fortitude,

There can be holiness in dialogue and discourse

In compromise and partnership, 

In caution and progress 

That can all move us towards resolution.  

Help us overcome fear and misunderstanding

And to foster avenues of communication that will engender

A sense of honor among us. 

May we conduct ourselves here and out in the community in such a way

That cooperation and a desire for peace

Will foster unity among people who come from many backgrounds

And who hold many different viewpoints. 

Blessed are You, Eternal One, whose Oneness pervades creations

And makes us mindful that we, too, are one.  

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