Saturday, March 17, 2018

A Traveler’s Prayer

A traveler’s prayer

Eternal God,
Guardian of every pathway 
Creator of a wide and wondrous world
That is ours to explore
Bless the road and the journey.
Make us wise in our planning 
Creative in choosing what will accompany us 
And patient as we stand in whatever line and queue, whether long or short, that 
Directs us to our destination.
Grant calm and efficiency to those who shepherd us through stations of transit.
Sustain in us kindness and compassion so that a smile or an unexpected offer of assistance might brighten our day
Even at times of challenge and delay. 
May our experiences along the way bring us joy and enrichment,  connection and knowledge and and hope. 
Be with us, O God, so that we may go and return in safety and peace.

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