Friday, January 26, 2018

What kind of freedom do we want? - A Prayer for Shabbat Shirah/Beshallach - January 26, 2018

Eternal God, what kind of freedom do we want?
Is it the liberty that enables us to pursue our goals and dreams with no one to tell us, “never would you be able to do this” but, instead, “consider this path”?
Is it the freedom that allows us to practice our faith without discimination and prejudice?
Is it the opportunity to select our leaders in a voting booth, acting on our own conscience, with no one to prevent us from fulfilling our duty as citizens because of who we are?
Is it the possibility of vigorous discussion that can lead to compromise, where conversation does not turn into denigration and dehumanization?
Is it the chance to welcome newcomers to our community and country with open arms, seeing in their eyes the wonder and optimism that our immigrant forbears must have felt?
Is it the generosity of spirit that leads us to help people in need, viewing everyone as a source of vitality, wisdom, and partnership in preserving the freedom we enjoy?
Is it the understanding that leads to equality for all people, on all levels, which refrains from singling out any particular group as “the source of all of our problems”?
Is it the commitment to building strong ties with everyone around us, with one encouraging another to give their best for the growth and betterment of humankind?
What is the freedom we want? We are at liberty to choose what that might be.
May we choose wisely and in a way that will bring more freedom, love and hope. 

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