Thursday, January 18, 2018

Fashioning our circle of acceptance - Invocation - Temple Beth-El Las Cruces -Board Meeting - January 18, 2018

Eternal God,

Who has created every person 

In the divine image, 

Open our eyes to see and sense Your presence 

In our fellow human beings. 

Preserve in us memory of slavery in Egypt

From stories that we still study and read and consider

Central to who we are

So that we will, in our own time, 

Follow the example of Moses

Who challenged an autocratic ruler who believed himself to be a god

Whose realization that his people should no longer be slaves

Led him to see You in a bush that burned but was not consumed

And guided him on a mission of winning a struggle for freedom. 

Help us to advocate for a freedom

That balances between necessary standards

And acknowledging and valuing the humanity of every person

May the circle of acceptance that we draw in our minds and hearts

Be large and affirming 

Inclusive and thoughtful

Supportive and hopeful

With our hands outstretched

In generosity and love. 

Give us the strength and wisdom 

To make this approach to community

A reality.

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