Monday, July 17, 2017

A Prayer for Arrival - For the first Moon Landing and for the discovering the unity of humankind

Eternal God, 

You have given us great abilities

To dream, to aspire, to inspire,

To design, to build, and to partner

To reach for high places beyond this world. 

Some of us recall crowding in front of our television sets

48 year ago

As two fellow human beings took the first steps on the moon

That belonged not just to the United States of America

But to all humankind.  

For a moment, we were united. 

We were fascinated in ways that put us in step with one another

All across the world. 

Enemies and allies, people who knew of these events at the moment They occurred 

Or learned only later

Shared in this great achievement

That demonstrated not our grandiosity

But our humility and sense of wonder 

At the globe at which we had gazed from afar for so long

And had never touched and explored. 

As we succeeded, at that time, in coming together, if only for a brief instant

So that this lofty goal could be reached,

Lead us now to find ways to work with one another. 

When we lift our eyes to the heavens, 

May we remember that You, our Creator, 

Have provided us with the wherewithal to care for each other, 

To lift up those who need assistance, to share knowledge and teach skills that will enable all people to be self-supporting, 

Grant us health and the resources to provide the means for all to continue to sustain their health and well-being. 

Instill in us a spirit of cooperation that will take us to unimagined vistas and new horizons

That we will yet experience

Whenever we pledge to find ways 

to share our hopes, our talent,

Our respect, our understanding, 

and our love for one another.    

Enlighten our eyes with Your wisdom, Source of Life, 

So that our insight will continue to deepen and grow. 

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