Monday, July 10, 2017

Closing Prayer at Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks Press Conference in support of current monument on July 10, 2017

Eternal God, Creator and Sustainer of us all, 
We thank for you for community.
We thank you for partnership among ourselves and with You
We thank you for this amazing and inspiring place
The beauty that you have placed in the world
The history that has been developed here. 
We are Your partners
We are Your representatives in this world
To preserve what's here
There are some who might say
That You put this world here to use in any way we want to
But we know that to be Your partners
and to be Your representatives on earth means
to act as if the mountains need a voice
the history needs a voice
Every single day
Every single moment.
We have done our best to be that voice
and Eternal One, we ask You to open minds and hearts
of those who may not understand what it means to be stewards
What it means to be Your partners totally. 
So help us in that path
Walk with us, walk with anyone who comes through these mountains,
through the whole monument area
So that they can get a sense of Your work in our world every day, 
continually renewing creation.
Be with us and guide us as we work with each other. 

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