Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Thoughts on leadership - well beyond the moment.....November 29, 2016

Leadership in a public position (that includes a public position in your occupation/profession) that requires your full attention and full-time commitment should be just that.  
That means: 
1) Set your sights on the tasks at hand.
2) Fully understand the laws, rules and constitution/by-laws which provide the foundations of your leadership 
3) Do what is necessary to assure that you have no conflict of interest possibilities because of your past or current work (this applies to many organizations). 
4) Remember that when you speak or release a statement, whether short or long, you are speaking for more than yourself, and acknowledge that when you speak/write, your words will take on a life of their own.  So be careful. 
5) Remember that you are serving everyone, both allies and what we can still, hopefully, call "loyal opponents."  Build bridges to everyone and anyone and do what you can to be sure that everyone and anyone builds bridges to each other. 
6) Approach what you do with a sense of humility at what you have been charged to accomplish.  It is about responsibility, not power.  
7)  Jettison grudges if you can - it will make your leadership more vibrant and much more positive.  

Just a few thoughts for the moment that any leader should consider..

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