Friday, November 25, 2016

Prayer for Parashat Chayei Sarah - November 25, 2016

Eternal God,
Source of Wisdom,  Teacher of Kindness,
We read in the Torah of Rebekah's compassion and support
In tending to the needs of Abraham's servant Eliezer. 
He prayed that a woman would provide water for him and for his camels
Without him having to ask
When he reached his destination. 
Rebekah gave him water without being prompted, and, by her own volition, drew water for all of his camels, 
Demonstrating the type of kindness
That Eliezer knew would make her a good wife for Isaac. 
Guide us, God of all generations,
To recognize the needs of people around us without them having to ask. 
Remind us of the help and assistance that we need to give 
To fellow community members whom we know
And those in need whom we don't know
To whom we can give direct or indirect support. 
Enable our leaders, our legislators, and our citizens 
To see beyond themselves enough
so that they will extend a hand when necessary
Knowing that when they do so
Their kindness may find its way back to them 
Through unimagined opportunities to come
And the gift of hope that will emerge 
when it seems only despair surrounds them.  
Make us partners with one another
Across any gulfs that may separate us 
So that we may extinguish the flames of hatred and disrespect
Whatever form they take.  
May our generosity towards one another 
Be like water that will ultimately sustain our lives and our world.  

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