Saturday, July 9, 2016

Peace Is - from Las Cruces Peace Camp 2016 - Messages from theCampers' "Hands" and Hearts - June 27, 2016

From Las Cruces Peace Camp 2016
Peace is....
Messages from the "hands" and hearts of the campers 

  • Peace is calmness to be able to figure things out.
  • Peace comes in forgiveness.
  • Peace is freedom and laughter and a voice that spreads
  • Peace is allowing nature to be at its best.
  • Peace is love.
  • Peace is happiness.
  • Peace is treating others fairly
  • Peace is love and friendship. 
  • Peace is quiet and kindness.
  • Peace is friends.
  • Peace is quiet and not chaotic.
  • Peace is important to make the world a better place. It helps stop chaos.
  • Peace is being together.
  • Peace is people finding a way to get along.
  • Peace is no war. 
  • Peace is living in harmony.
  • Peace is music. 
  • Peace is quiet and friendship.
  • Peace is fun. 
  • I want peace for my family and for the world.
  • Peace is the absence of conflict.
  • Peace is joy. 
  • Peace is family. 
  • Peace is art. 
  • Peace is a right for all – everywhere – to live a life free of conflict…or, at least, the opportunity to have their side heard.
  • Peace is in equality.
  • Peace is in the lack of fear.
  • Peace is awesome.

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