Wednesday, July 20, 2016

An unsolicited party convention invocation (if I were asked) - For the Temple Beth-El Board meeting on July 21, 2016

Eternal God of us all, 
Bless this gathering that brings together 
People from different generations, varying backgrounds,
And many walks of life
As we seek to chart a course for our great nation
For the immediate future. 
Remind us of the commitment of the founders of our country
So that their dedication to the cause of forming a new national community
Will inspire us to continue to work for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 
Open our ears to listen to the stories of our citizens
Open our eyes to see which challenges require us 
To develop new solutions
Strengthen our hands and our resolve to preserve
Safety in our neighborhoods and cities
To provide opportunities for learning and growth
To sustain the possibility of satisfaction when we are at work
And when we take time out from our responsibilities to renew our spirits. 
Open our hearts and minds to an understanding that will lead us
To forge unity among everyone 
So that disagreement will not drive us apart.  
Help us to sense that our greatness will be 
In the values we espouse
In the hopes we express 
In the justice we seek
In the cooperation we engender
In the dreams we enable all Americans to realize in some measure. 
God, protect all who serve our country in its defense 
And guide us to work, whenever and wherever we can, 
towards peace and well-being that will spread the world over. 
May we recognize Your spark in every human being
And may we emulate your creative power
To move towards new horizons of progress, achievement
And goodness that will benefit us as individuals, as a nation, and that will send blessing out to the entire world.  

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