Thursday, April 30, 2015

Prayer for New Mexico State University Annual Memorial Service to remember faculty, staff, students and alumni - April 30, 2015

Eternal Spirit of the Universe
Be with us as we remember.
There are friends, family members, classmates, teachers, companions,
Who walked with us
Who helped us
Who provided us with wisdom
Who enabled us to put new life lessons into perspective.
We learned with them
We laughed with them
We may have even cried with them
And we relied on them as they renewed our confidence
Refreshed our strength
And restored our hope.
And now they leave a legacy to us
That will remain and become a part of who we are and who we will be.
May their souls be bound up in the bond of all life.  
May we continue to feel their presence among us
Like a light that continues to shine ever more brightly with each passing day and week and month and year.
And remind us, source of solace, to give comfort to each other, whether with a calmly spoken word or in silent support
So that pain and grief will grow into a deep sense of gratitude for the gifts we have received from those no longer with us whom we knew and loved.    
May they all rest in peace and may they find a holy and  cherished place in our minds and hearts.   Amen.

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