Thursday, April 30, 2015

Celebrating Israel's 67 Years - My own questions and answers - April 24, 2015

What has been Israel’s greatest triumph?
Creating, sustaining and defending such a diverse nation in such a hostile area of the world
What has been Israel’s greatest accomplishment?
Sharing talent and knowledge with the world from a position of intellectual strength and leadership
What has been Israel’s greatest challenge?
The search for peace, which, because it has not yet reached its completion, has put Israel in a position of trying to deal with two sets of often intransigent Palestinian Arab leadership on the one hand and a population, on the other, that seeks glimmers of hope in a difficult context.

What is your favorite aspect of Israel?
The history of the land.
What is your favorite place to visit in Israel?
Jerusalem - all of it

What is Israel’s greatest challenge now?
Growing hostility between Muslims in the region, continuing to work with neighbors that are still technically at peace with Israel (and preserving those agreements by demonstrating their value through coordinated action), and holding Iran in check
What is your hope for Israel?
Peace between Israelis and Palestinians that will offer hope and security and the beginning of an end to hatred through the spreading of dialogues such as the Parents Circle, the Interreligious Coordinating Council for Israel, Creativity for Peace, Seeds of Peace, and the “Third Way” settler/Palestinian neighbor dialogue.

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