Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Prayer for Chanukah 5774 (and Thanksgiving) with help from lists developed by the Temple Beth-El Machon (7th-12th Grade) Class

Eternal God, Creator of us all,
we are grateful this year for the many gifts that we enjoy:
For the opportunity to celebrate
with family,
with friends,
with our community;
For the unity and understanding that we can sustain
between people of different faiths and backgrounds
in our diverse nation;
For life and health;
For the bounty of the earth
And for the beautiful landscape that surrounds us;
For freedom and for the right to be different
for which our ancestors fought
as they preserved our heritage
in ancient times and until this day;
For the liberty that we strive to maintain as members
of a national community and the human family;
For the miracle of generosity and compassion,
which leads us to give to people in need, both near and far;
And for the hope that we see dancing in the candles’ flames
every year: lights that we call holy.
May the warmth of our celebrations unite our hearts                       now and throughout the year.

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