Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Rabbi’s Psalm of Praise and Thanksgiving - November 23, 2013

Eternal One,
Creator, Sustainer, Guide, and Teacher,
All praise to You for this amazing world
For the diversity of ideas, faiths, backgrounds, 
and genetic makeup
that You weave into a Oneness
which we can choose to enter and enjoy
For broad-ranging experiences
that enrich our perspectives
and provide us
with deeper understandings
and new insights
For natural surroundings that remind us 
of all that preceded our time on Earth
and all that will survive us.
Praise to You for moments
when individual voices
in communal worship
merge to become one as You are One
And praise to You
when personal meditations
lead each of us to a place of inner peace 
that will enable us to reflect that peace
in our relationships
and in our participation
in community life.
All praise to You
for voices
that grow younger in wisdom
with age
And for the exuberance
and questioning of children
that engenders
inspired, thoughtful and loving parenting.
Praise to You for flashes of creativity
that reveal knowledge and connections
in the world never seen before.
Praise to You
for conversations and situations
that teach us to grow and change
even when we believe
we should remain where we are.
Praise to You
for that sense of justice
that strengthens equality
and for acts of compassion
that ensure the persistence of kindness. 
Praise to You
for giving human beings
the potential to be humble enough
to be grateful for Your gifts
So that we can give thanks
for the opportunity
to serve, to learn, to study,
to speak, to sing,
to cry out for those in dire straits
who have no way to call for help
to listen to stories, concerns,
hopes, fears, and opinions,
to hear criticism and affirmation
with ears that detect love and support
to hold on to what we need
to move forward
and to let go of what holds us back.
Thank You for the possibility
of walking along this path
towards a better world
with family and friends
with colleagues and leaders
with members and partners
who join in along the way.
Eternal One,
All praise to You for this amazing world 

And for the warmth of Your Presence 
that reminds us, always, 
to be present for one another.

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