Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Prayer for a New Reality and Marriage Equality - August 27, 2013

Eternal One,
Creator and Sustainer of us all,
God of Compassion, 
God who created us in Your image,
as I sat in the Dona Ana County Commission meeting today
I heard people talking about 
rule of law
and sin
and I heard people speaking in terms of
and love.
I heard someone claim those those denied rights were bullies
and those who define rights in a narrow way were bullied.
I have heard that before...
And it is a claim which is made
by one who bullies in order to act the bully even more. 
As I drove to the meeting this morning,
I thought about what I might say if I had the chance,
and while time didn't allow me to speak, my words still stand tonight following a decision made that was in consonance with my own sentiment and belief: 
"No one who doesn't want to (perform or endorse same gender marriage) has to....
But everyone who wants to (seek a same gender marriage with a marriage license) should be able to (have that opportunity)."
One person spoke about holiness, as if holiness is not present among all human beings brought together through love. 
No one viewpoint or faith has a monopoly on k'dushah, holiness.
The reality of loving relationships coming into being 
affirms that there is holiness present.  
God, Who calls on us be just and fair,
Guide us with Your wisdom 
as we tread these new paths 
and develop clearer and deeper understanding
within Your amazing and wonderful world. 

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