Thursday, February 15, 2018

Invocation - Board meeting - Temple Beth-El Las Cruces - February 15, 2018

Eternal God,

Creator of every person,

Sustainer whose strength and support

Is waiting for all who would seek it

And accept it

Be with us as we face challenges

And tragedy

That affect us 

Directly and indirectly. 

Help us communicate comfort and hope

To those who have been devastated by sudden loss

Bereft of children taken before their time

Or adults who guided them to greater knowledge

And deeper vision for a future that some will not know. 

Remind us all that every life is precious

So much so that crafters of laws will make us

A society responsive to people in need of healing from the wounds

That life may sadly bring

Remembering that we have at our disposal




And love. 

And direct us to convey to others a message that must penetrate every soul: 

Love yourself so much, so deeply, no matter what, and if you don’t, know that there are those who can lead you back to that love. 

Love others so much, so deeply, that you will be able to reach out with genuine concern to anyone who needs solace and may you feel your giving as a source of healing for yourself. 

Love all creation, and love God, so much

That you will be able to recognize a divine image, an ancient common spark, residing in every human being, so that when you look into another person’s eyes, you will see what all people have in common, and because of that, before you might even try to perpetrate harm through harsh words, denigration, hatred and violence, you will stop

And breathe

And, in your breath, you will begin again to seek an everlasting love

That is always there for you and for us all.  


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