Friday, December 22, 2017

Bring us together - A Prayer Based on Parashat Vayigash - December 22, 2017

Eternal One,
Source of wisdom for those who learn and teach,
Wellspring of hope for those who seek help,
Soul of the Universe who envelops all creation,
Bring us together.
As Joseph found his brothers again,
And as they learned to dwell close to each other,
To accept one another,
To trust that they would treat each other with respect,
Lead us to find each other.
When we have different views, open our eyes and ears to honestly speak about our perspectives.
When we come from different backgrounds, enable us to truly listen to each other’s stories to broaden our horizons.
When we see people putting up walls between each other, open our minds and hearts to realize that we cannot come together unless those walls are never created in the first place.
When we sense that that too many people are being written out of the human family, heighten our senses and our sensitivity to discover the divine spark in everyone. 
When we feel ourselves welling up with anger at the wrongs we witness around us, turn our rage into resolve to change the world for the better and to lead people towards one another in a spirit of understanding where disagreeing agreeably can move towards solutions not yet imaginable.
May You, Creator and Sustainer of us all, heal our divisions, dispel our doubts,
And bless us with faith in ourselves and in each other,
So that we can live and thrive in this world where we are neighbors
Fashioned in your holy image.  


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