Thursday, August 17, 2017

Invocation - Board Meeting - Temple Beth-El, Las Cruces, NM - August 17, 2017

Invocation - Board Meeting - August 17, 2017

Temple Beth-El, Las Cruces, New Mexico

We pray, Eternal One,

That a day will come

When hatred will give way to understanding 

Even though we see signs and symbols of bigotry and intolerance 

right before our eyes. 

We pray, God of our Strength,

That a day will come

When violence and war will end

Even though mistrust and fear are still spread by those who try to gain power and influence through fomenting conflict and through the taking of innocent lives.  

We pray, Gracious One,

That a day will come 

When our mercy towards our fellow human beings 

Will overcome a human desire for strict justice 

that creates standards no one could meet.  

We pray, Creator and Sustainer of us all, that a day will come 

When we will be able to see all people as being created in Your image

Sacred, unique and cherished

And that You will grant us the ability 

to convince those who dehumanize others 

and seek to end the lives of people they despise

That all they are doing is destroying the precious divine spark that resides in them. 

We still pray, Holy One of being and blessings,

that Your spirit will guide us 

so that our words and actions 

Will bring us together in unity

Rather than drive us apart into irreparable division.   

Help us listen to You, and to our stories

Because the telling of our tales to one another always holds the possibility

Of weaving for us all a timeless tapestry of love, peace and hope.

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