Friday, June 30, 2017

A Prayer for Softer Words and Sacred harmony among us - Parashat Chukat - June 30, 2017 (on the occasion of completing 6 years at Temple Beth-El of Las Cruces)

Eternal One,
You watch over us every day
In our best times
And in our most challenging times.
You direct us, as much as possible,
To work with each other for good,
To join together to do mitzvot
To engender understanding with each other.
Perhaps You lament, along with us,
When cruelty overtakes cooperation.
When the desire to strike back supersedes the possibility
Of soft speech and words than can lead to healing.
In the Torah reading this week,
We see Moses and Aaron driven to frustration
Forgetting to use only the gentle speech that was required in a crucial moment.
We see the Israelites mourn for Miriam, then Aaron,
Losing one who led them in song
And another who gave them blessing.
May we act in community
As if our voices were joined in sacred harmony
May the ways in which we work with each other
And build long lasting relationships
Bring us blessing and strength.
And may the enmity that leads to division
Give way to the realization
That we have much in common
As we continue along this challenging and eventful human journey.
Be with us every moment,
Inspire us every day.


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