Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Invocation - Temple Beth-El Las Cruces Annual Meeting - May 16, 2017

Eternal God,
Be with us on this night as we gather as one community
Seeking holiness, forging understanding,
Engendering shared vision,
Maintaining ancient values which you inspire us to make new every day.
Bless us all:
Leaders and members,
Teachers and students,
Grandparents and parents and children,
Volunteers, partners, and friends.
Help us find guidance from our tradition:
In the imagination and trailblazing of Abraham and Sarah;
In the vision of Jacob who became Israel;
In the insight of Joseph;
In the humility of Moses;
In the spirit and song of Miriam;
In the judgment and leadership of Deborah;
In the courage of David;
In the wisdom of Solomon;
In the compassion of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Micah and our prophets;
In the collegiality of the rabbis as we study with and learn from one another;
In the commitment of Ruth to a people she made her own.
Remind us of the opportunities we have to celebrate
Our accomplishments,
Our ingenuity,
Our determination,
Our creativity,
Our openness,
Our diversity,
Our hard-won commonality,
Our enduring hope,
Our success,
And our triumphs after overcoming conflict or challenge. 
May all we have done this year lead us to
Greater vision,
Deepened insight,
Personal and communal growth,
And a recognition of the holiness that is all around us and inside of us
As You, Eternal One, walk with us along the way. 
May the steps we take bring us blessing and peace now and in the years to come.   

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