Thursday, February 16, 2017

Invocation – Board Meeting – February 16, 2017 Temple Beth-El, Las Cruces, NM

Eternal Creator,

God of all nations,

Our Guide and Helper throughout the generations,

Be with us in changing and trying times.

Help us to understand that our place in the world

As a light to the nations

Can direct us, if we so choose, to be exemplars

Of attentiveness to the blessings in life that we enjoy

Of gratitude for the gifts that come our way

Of strength, grace and dignity in the face of challenge.

Of a sense that, when we are placed in positions of authority, our approach can be one of seeing the awesome responsibility placed into our hands and hearts. 

Help us extend our hands to other people who,

Like our ancestors,

Have faced prejudice, uncertainty, hatred, and even violent attacks.

Remind us to stand tall when the accusations of the past

Return to the surface of society right before our eyes

So that we will join with many voices to decry canards that should have been put to rest long ago. 

Open our eyes and ears to those who would approach us with love and care.

Prevent us from ignoring or excusing seeming expressions of support that fall disappointingly short of their mark. 

May we respond with fortitude and with the tone of an educator

When others fail to understand how our past informs out present

So that we can identify the words of condemnation of bigotry we hope to hear from peers and leaders,

Bigotry not just against our community

But leveled at members of any group who, like us,

Seek to live the best of their values and teachings,

Whether they be represented by Ten Commandments,

Or a statement that demands that we treat others as we want to be treated.

Help us build bridges, Eternal God of all peoples, when we know that barriers and walls just won’t do.  

Be our hope; be our source of wisdom; and grant us, always, peace. 

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