Thursday, October 20, 2016

D'var Torah - Temple Beth-El Board Meeting - October 20, 2016 - Our Diversity, Our Purpose

Eternal God, 
We find ourselves
Every day in this world
Searching for partners
and community members
With whom we can share our perspectives
And find affirmation 
From our discussion.  
Or, if we have the persistence,
And the courage,
We can engage in a conversation
With people who may not share our ideology
Or positions
But with whom we may agree on a common hope
For Contentment
for Personal subsistence
for a modicum of prosperity
That would fulfill the statement of the rabbis:
Who are rich?  Those who are happy with what they have - with their portion in life. 
Take us higher, Holy God,
To reach for some measure of holiness in our lives. 
Guide us to work for
And Justice that is blind to who people are 
In their personal heritage or background
But a Justice that hinges on determining which actions 
tip the scales of humanity towards goodness or towards evil.
Remind us, Compassionate God,
That You hope that we will find our own compassion and act upon it in the presence of others.
Lead us, God of all creation, 
To show consideration to this universe and this world, respecting all that You have made.
Inspire us, O God, Author of Freedom, 
To look deeply into ourselves to  understand what constitutes freedom 
For us, for our fellow citizens, and for people of the world,
May the memory of the slavery we left behind so long ago
Enable us to find ways to work together for liberty in the four corners of the earth. 
And may our concern for freedom and justice, lead us to make peace for all the inhabitants of the earth
As You make peace in the highest heavens.  
And we say, Amen. 

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