Friday, September 16, 2016

Being God's Hands - A reflection on Parashat Ki Teitzei - September 16, 2016

When are our hands God’s hands?
  • When we offer comfort with a supportive touch
  • When we extend a hand in friendship or to share something that is ours with a friend or neighbor
  • When we lift someone up who has fallen, figuratively or literally
  • When we present another person with a gift out of gratitude and generosity
  • When we write a note that affirms someone’s value to us by their actions and their presence our lives.
  • When we bring a donation to a food pantry
  • When we serve a hot meal at a soup kitchen to someone who would not otherwise have that nourishment
  • When we provide guests in our homes or congregations with refreshment to show sincere hospitality
  • When we write words that provide food for thought that can lead someone to make a difference in the world
  • When our hands make musical instruments play sounds that reach the depths of our souls
  • When we keep a beat in time to music that fosters a feeling of unity
  • When we water plants or trees in our yard or tend to a garden
  • When we take bottles, cans, papers or other items to a recycling center
  • When we fashion a piece of art that inspires others
  • When we engage in work that benefits others
  • When we present someone with recognition or reward for the good work they have done
  • When we fix something that is broken
  • When we build something that can bring contentment, relief, or hope
  • When we use our words rather than our hands in the midst of conflict
  • When, if there is no other choice, we use our hands to protect a potential victim of a violent act
  • When we raise our hands, or put our hands on our hearts, to show respect and to declare our commitment to goodness and freedom
  • When adults place theirs hands on the head or shoulders of a younger member their family to give a formal blessing
  • When a child takes the hand of an adult as they cross the street together
  • When a handshake indicates a job well done
  • When we place a contribution for a worthy organization into an envelope, or make a donation online, offering a helping hand
  • When we see the joining of hands as symbolic of what we know to be true: that we are all connected as part of one people and one world.

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