Thursday, June 23, 2016

The World We Want To See - Invocation for Temple Beth-El Las Cruces Board Meeting - June 23, 2016

Eternal One, 

We are watching intently events in the world around us

Acts of violence

Wars of words

Conflicts over ideology

In which people try to listen to one another

But their words move past each other as if they were never heard

Or the desire for power and control prevents the possibility

Of mutual understanding. 

Is this the world we want to see,

In which a lack of respectful dialogue 

Or the absence of a  forum for calm expression of personal views

Can lead to frustration

Or anger

Or hatred

Or violence 

Or, ultimately, suffering and mourning? 

What is the world we want to see? 

We want to see a world in which 

People will find a way to be 

Peaceful and Non-judgmental

Kind and Helpful

Compassionate and balanced;

A world where we are accepting and kind

Generous and caring;

Where differences fall away in the face of the need to be 

Embracing and considerate of everyone around us. 

We want to see a world in which Your Oneness, O God,

is reflected

in our oneness and unity,

where we acknowledge that there is a spark of You 

In every person and in every corner of creation.  

We want to see a world in which Your power of healing

will empower us to heal ourselves and family, friends, and neighbors

Wherever they may be

Who are in need of solace, support and comfort

Help us to use our words and our hearts

To make this world

Our world

A world that reflects Your love

And our hope.  

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