Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Invocation - Temple Beth-El Las Cruces, NM Annual Meeting - May 10, 2016

Ashreinu!  How happy we are!
Mah Tov chelkeinu!  How good is our portion
U-mah naim goraleinu.  How pleasant our lot
U-mah Yafah Yerushateinu - How beautiful our heritage!
Eternal God, you have given us the ability
To see what is joyous and sweet in our midst
To sense the ways in which we bring blessing to one another and to ourselves.
You have been with us every step of the way
As we observed holidays and marked life milestones
When we planted trees and set in place bricks of remembrance and tribute
When we lit candles on our chanukiot alongside our mayor
When we joined together as members to celebrate who we are for no reason other than to add joy to the moment
When we opened our doors to a community that seeks from us new knowledge, and, every so often, a savory bite from a pastrami sandwich
Source of wisdom, you have inspired our discussions of sacred texts and conversations on short stories and books that express the essence of who we are. 
Wellspring of holiness, you have brought us together for the solemn burial of worn sacred books and the dedication of this space to the memory of builders of this congregation
Loving Creator, you have opened our minds and hearts to share the love of our heritage with a new generation, finding a renewed commitment in ourselves as our youth declare their coming of age in the context of Jewish life
God of Righteousness, You have taught us to open our hands to neighbors in need, and to consider ways in which we can offer assistance to the destitute, the poor, the homeless,  turning hopelessness into a glimpse of a glimmer of optimism
You have gifted us with creativity to generate new ideas, and to appreciate the beauty expressed in art and in song, and in the wonder embodied in the natural setting that surrounds us
Mah Rabu maasecha Adonai
How great are your works, Eternal One,
And how privileged we are to be Your partners in sustaining creation
Through our work together in this congregation and community
And in the beliefs and values we convey through our actions
Every single day of our lives. 
Be with us at every turn, O God,
In every holy, amazing moment.  

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