Thursday, February 25, 2016

Invocation - Temple Beth-El Las Cruces Board Meeting - February 25,2016 - Parashat Ki Tisa

Eternal One,
We read in the Torah
That when Moses ascended
Mount Sinai,
To receive a second set of tablets
Of the Aseret Had'varim (aseret hadib'rot),
The Ten Central standards
For our behavior
As Jews
And as human beings,
Your essence was made known to him
So that he could lead other human beings
In reflecting Your ways
In their actions. 
He heard in his mind's ear
That You are the One Who always exists
And whose eternity supports our existence.
You are merciful and compassionate,
So that we should open our hearts
To understand what may motivate others to 
Think as they think
Or do as they do
So that we will show them a generosity of spirit 
with the hope that the result will be 
a meeting of the minds
And unity of action. 
You are gracious - which means that you give us
Second, third and even fourth chances
Whether deserved or undeserved
So that, by being gracious with others, 
We will earn the grace You show us every day. 
You are slow to anger
And so should we be as well
Even when we are disappointed in or upset by others,
Even when we know that what made us angry could have easily been avoided.
You are full of kindness based in faithfulness and truth
And you call on us to be kind in a way
That will extend Your love to all people
Whether they are family members, friends, neighbors or strangers.  
You forgive sin and wrongdoing 
Especially when we realize that we have erred 
You trust that we will be forgiving
And you remind us that the consequences
Of one mistake
Can last not one but several lifetimes
Affecting people we don't know as well as people 
Whom we know well and love. 
Guide us 
In our daily lives, 
in our leadership, 
in our community partnerships
To be like You
For if we are like You
We will add to our own character 
And to our community
And to our world
a touch of holiness
That is so needed 
So that we make our days fulfilling and even joyous.  
As we share our knowledge, 
Our unique talents, 
Our visions,
Our dreams and our hopes
Watch over us 
So that we can be one
As You are and will always be One.

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