Saturday, January 30, 2016

"Ten" - Reflections on ASERET HADIBROT (The Ten Words/Commandments)-January 30, 2016

Relationship is not about "what have you done for me lately" but about "what can we continue to do for each other when we really need support and even rescue?" 

Don't let what is tangible and fleeting lure you away from what is intangible, meaningful, and timeless. 

Don't assume that "God is on my side" or that "with God on my side, I am more powerful than anyone else."  If you are on God's side, you won't use your belief for power, but only for love. 

To be like God means to create, but only creating, and doing nothing else, may be an obstacle to continued inspiration.  Stop and rest so that your creations will bring your creative spirit to the world. 

Create examples by which the next generation can learn and live.  If you treat people of all ages - inside and outside your family - with respect and honor, they will act with respect and honor, and indefinitely continue the chain of being exemplars of those values and more. 

Each person and the totality of his or her character is like a world within a world.   Do not deliberately take that world away through murder or assassination of character, because if you do, you will harm or destroy your own world in the process. 

Consider the commitments within all relationships in your life to be as immutable as the interrelationships in creation and in the universe.   We count on them as surely as the sun rises and sets every day.  

What is yours is yours.  What is mine can be yours if I am ready and willing to share.  Do not even think to yourself, "what is yours is mine," for those thoughts will take on a life of their own and rob your life and others of mutual trust and respect.  

Living in a community brings with it pressures to take sides and to be called upon to be loyal and subvert the truth even when we know that we will be at our most godly and good only if we are faithful to the truth.  Don't let anyone convince you that their purposes are more important than the truth.  

I see what you have, and as much as I may want it, I will be at my best when I focus on the joys of what I have rather than on the desires I may harbor towards what may never be mine. 

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