Friday, October 23, 2015

Vistas to come - A Prayer for Parashat Lech L'cha - October 23, 2015

Prayer for Lech-Lecha, October 23, 2015
Eternal One,
Every one of us has a story of a journey.
Our lives are filled with stops and starts,
With endings and beginnings,
With one chapter of our experiences giving way to yet another
And still another.
Like Abraham, we leave our parents’ home and the land
Of our birth.
Even if we remain in the same city all our lives,
We still travel from one place to another
Perhaps not so much geographically
But in our values
In the responsibility we take on as community members and leaders
In our knowledge that can continue to grow
In the relationships that we preserve from those other chapters of our lives
And new bonds of fellowship and friends
All of which we continue to nurture and deepen with all of our being.  
We celebrate triumphs
We face challenges
And we move as best we can from healing to hope.
God of our days and years, be with us
Every step of the way.
Help us rescue victory from defeat.
Enable us to turn conflict into positive engagement.
Empower us to fill the world with
Your love, Your Oneness, Your glory,
Your holiness.
May we go forth on this Shabbat
And every Shabbat to new horizons
Amazing vistas, to follow our viewing of beautiful sunsets
With the promise of the dawn of each new day.

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