Sunday, August 2, 2015

A prayer for Las Cruces following this morning's bombings near local churches - August 2, 2015

Eternal One,
We know well the power of our belief
through our connection with You 
as individuals, 
members of worshiping communities
and one greater family of faith in Las Cruces. 
Our principles can lead us to action that offers help and hope. 
We also know that there is hatred in the hearts of some
that defies explanation and comprehension
which finds expression in ways that can hurt and harm
and deprive us of our sense of security.
O Source of Healing and Peace,
bind us as one 
so that we can strengthen our bonds with each other
which will enable us to better offer comfort to those 
who witnessed trauma first-hand,
to those who regularly attend those houses of worship 
and to an entire city that is now shaken. 
Teach us, Source of Love and Spirit,
that it is through our common understandings
and the ties that bind us together
that no act of violence will take away our resolve
To come together as children of the Holy One. 
Chazak Chazek V'nitchazeik 
May we be strong, may we be even stronger
And may we always be willing to strengthen one another. 

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