Monday, January 5, 2015

Prayer for NM CAFe Press Conference on 1/5/2015 for the New Minimum Wage - and for the many communities in the United States that have raised their minimum wage as well

Eternal Creator and Sustainer of us all,
We come to you today in gratitude
For the creativity, for the determination, and for the vision that have led us to this time.
We are grateful for those who arrived at a place of insight over the past year
That enabled them to see that economic issues have a human foundation….
That once voices of people in need are heard,
They should not be ignored or marginalized.
We have heard many voices express concern and fear, as well as hope and respect. 
You are the Oneness that unites and us all, and we call upon Your oneness to bring us together
to overcome conflict
and to engage partnership and cooperation that will engender respect among community members and city leaders, business owners and hard-working employees, all who have a desire for security and a measure of comfort in their lives. 
We thank you for the opportunity not only to feel dignity inside ourselves as we engage in our chosen work,
But to accord dignity to others as a gift, especially those who work with us and for us, to create a fellowship that bears the mark of a sacred covenant.
You are with us, Eternal Spirit of the Universe, as we tread this new path – walk by our side and teach us to continue along this journey with each other to bring joy and satisfaction to all of our citizens who seek only to live and provide for themselves and their families.    
Even in our struggles and disagreements, may we bring blessing to one another – help us make those blessings real in the days and years to come.

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