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Prayers at Dedication of the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument - May 23, 2014 - Rabbi Larry Karol and Father Vince Petersen

May 23, 2014

Closing remarks/prayer
led by Rabbi Larry Karol, Temple Beth-El of Las Cruces, NM
and Father Vince Petersen, Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church, Tortugas, NM

Rabbi Larry Karol:
Based on Psalm 121
I lift my eyes to the mountains,
what is the source of my help?
My help comes from the Eternal Creator
of Heaven and Earth
the Fashioner of the lands
in this new National Monument
with its vistas that inspire within us hope and awe
With its spaces where we can seek
secrets and solitude.
With its places to enjoy, preserve and explore.
( Singing the beginning of Psalm 121 - Melody by Shlomo Carlebach)
Esa Einai el he-harim mei-a-yin yavo ezri (2)
Ez-ri mei-im adonai osei shama-yim va-a-retz (2)

 led by Rabbi Karol and Father Petersen
(From Earth Prayers, edited by Elizabeth Roberts and Elias Amadon)
Blessing of galaxies, blessing of stars -
Great stars, small stars, red stars, blue ones.
Blessing of nebula, blessing of supernova
planets, satellites, asteroids, comets.
Blessing of our sun and moon, blessing of our earth
Oceans, rivers, continents, mountain ranges.
Blessing of wind and cloud, blessing of rain.
Fog bank, snow drift, lighting and thunder.
Bless the wisdom of the Holy One above us.
Bless the truth of the Holy One beneath us.
Bless the love of the Holy One within us.

Father Vince Petersen:
The recognition of these Holy Mountains as a National Monument
is a recognition that all of us - no matter what our faith or cultural traditions - share a common sanctuary where God - the Holy One is revealed. 
This sanctuary is called planet Earth.
We will not save what we do not love.
I want to share with you a song in Spanish that speaks of this love.
The translation goes something like this ...
If you want to see how the beautiful flowers are born
you have to climb the holy mountain.
Si tu quieres saber - como son esas flores
como es el cantar - del ave azul de aquel lugar.
Todo eso hallaras - al escalar esa montana
Donde brota el amor - donde nace la flor - del mas bello color.

Father Petersen and Rabbi Karol:

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