Friday, April 25, 2014

Prayer for the New Mexico State University Spiritual Center Groundbreaking - April 25, 2014

NMSU Spiritual Center Groundbreaking 
April 25, 2014
Based on One Hundred Thirty-Seven 
By Debbie Perlman
From Flames to Heaven (my emendations in italics)

Surround Us, Source of holiness, 
with sacred space
Add new growth to this landscape
Fresh roots that will blossom 
in the years to come
Enhancing this environment 
of learning and community
With a special spirit 
of contemplation and hope.

Swirl around us a space of holiness
Of community and truth, 
of justice and celebration
Winding back to our varied roots
that join us together 
in common humanity and struggle,
Rolling forward to eternity.
A gathering place, a home-away-from- home.

Then we shall offer praise to the Spirit of the Universe
For the courage and vision inside each of us,
For tasks in partnership with all of creation.
All voices rising up in one united chorus of rejoicing.

May the Spiritual Center that will rise here be
a place of gathering, of direction, of solitude,
of diverse expression, of affirmation for the value of every person.
May the building that will stand here frame 
wondrous, separate, parallel 
yet harmonious declarations of faith and of faiths.
As we break ground today,
may we begin to imagine how
the inquisitive voices of youth
and the supportive and enlightened guidance
of experienced mentors and teachers
will be transformed
Into a symphony of the soul
That will, every day,
play and sing a holy song

along with the desert wind.

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