Friday, February 28, 2014

Remembering where we are - D'var Torah for Temple Board Meeting on February 27, 2014

Standing before the ark for my Board
"portrait" on February 27, 2014
The Torah readings for last week and this week deals with create the sacred space of the worship of the Israelites and the holy garments worn by the priests as they led daily and holiday rituals
   There was also a reference to holy time – the one day that is set apart and sacred is  Shabbat. 
   Ancient definitions of holy time and holy space apply to us today as well.
   At home, the Shabbat table and the Seder table are certainly social, but they are also holy and special.
    The Sanctuary is holy space.  We tell our Religious School students to remember where they are when they are sitting in the sanctuary.  That applies to all of us during Shabbat and holiday services when sacred time and space come together. 
    Before a minyan at the home of a bereaved family, and our gathering during a funeral service and by the graveside both holy time and holy space.  Conversation, supportive expressions and perhaps even laughter in remembering the loved one who has died all are holy.  Even sharing food after a funeral or at a shiv’ah house is a sacred act.
    Our leadership at Temple is holy as well, where we are called to behave in a way that others would hope to emulate to create a caring, spirited, active and loving community. 

    We know what holiness is and can be.  Let’s remember to strive for that holiness in all we do.

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