Saturday, July 13, 2013

A home once ours - July 13, 2013

 A home once new
Husband, wife and son
welcoming another son
Creating memories
First steps
A lively meal table
Family gatherings
Table Tennis
Maintenance and enhancment projects outside and inside
Baseball in the back yard
Football in the front yard
"No ghost at midnight" 
Shabbat every Friday night - candles, wine and challah
Mowing the lawn 
Tricycles to Bicycles
Beginning a growing album/CD collection
A downstairs darkroom and workbench
The fans in the hallway, later replaced by central air
Black and white TV and on to color
Watching coverage of political conventions, space missions (even past Apollo 11),
national tragedies (assassinations of JFK, MLK, RFK)
Taking in our favorite shows: The Fugitive, The FBI, Batman, a little Star Trek, Twilight Zone, Lost in Space, Howdy Doody, Captain Kangaroo, many cartoons, Mod Squad, Dark name a few...
Preparing for Religious School teaching 
Stuffing envelopes for Hadassah, Sisterhood, and other organizations
Practicing cornet and guitar
One Chevrolet after another
A short walk to the Elementary School behind our house
Discussions about future careers that led to the ordination of two rabbis
A decision to move after 23 years

PS - 
A list from the "first son" mentioned above, (Rabbi) Steve Karol: 

*Getting dressed up for Halloween and taking pictures
*Lighting the Chanukiah and taking pictures
*Climbing the tree in the back yard
*Catching lightning bugs in a jar
*Building snow forts
*Jumping off the swings
*Getting 16 ounce soda pop bottles at the gas station at 89th and Wornall for 10 cents each when gas was 19.9.
*Hitting baseballs on the playground facing Wornall until the covers came off
*Bowling in the basement
*The desks dad made in the basement
*The "playroom"
*Watching Ed Sullivan
*Allan Sherman records
*Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass records
* Wadding up napkins and shooting hoops from the dining room to the waste basket in the kitchen
*Plastic on the living room and dining room carpet marking a path to follow
*Watching TV during dinner--with the TV on the cart--except on Friday night
*Sampling Mom's cake batter
*The meat slicer
*The Recreation Program during the summer at Boone School

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