Thursday, February 14, 2013

Prayer offered at a meeting with Las Cruces Mayor Ken Miyagishima and CAFé (Communities in Action and Fatih) in support of New Mexico Senate Bill 1 – The Mortgage Fair Foreclosure Act. February 14, 2013

Eternal One, Creator and Sustainer of us all,
We read in Deuteronomy that we should write
Your teachings
On the doorposts of our house and upon our gates.
What is written upon the doorways of our homes
and inside them
includes our lives, our history, our routines and our love.
The preceding verse in Deuteronomy commands us to bind God’s words as a sign upon our hands and to set them as a symbol between our eyes.
May we see, before our eyes, a vision of people who are facing challenges in their homes – and may financial institutions and government begin to understand how people have made those homes their own and why they deserve to remain in them.
Binding God’s words on our hands can lead us to join hands in community and to urge financial institutions and government to act on behalf of all who need our help.   May we offer our support as we move forward on this path.

(An after-the-fact version of a spontaneous prayer)

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