Friday, October 26, 2012

Journeying into Holiness - D'var Torah for Lech L'cha - October 26, 2012

Lech L’cha – Go forth to the land that I will show you.
The Torah reading for this week portrays the decision of Abram and Sarai 
to leave their home as a life-changing choice in response to God’s command.

The rabbis explained that Abram, the newly minted monotheist,
could no longer abide by the polytheistic ways of his family.
And, they saw Abram and Sarai as a couple destined for something greater.
We are not unlike Abram and Sarai, even on one of the seemingly unspectacular and routine days in our lives.
Every morning is a lech l’cha or l’chi lach for each of us.
The schedule in our minds, our calendar book,
or our personal digital device that constantly connects with cyberspace
tells us where we need to be and when.
But that is not the story of our daylong journey.
Our daily narrative is a reflection on HOW we spent our time
and HOW it changed us, even in small ways.
Did we do something new today – or yesterday – or the day before?
Did we gain a new insight?
Did we receive a challenge from someone
that made us think about how we could grow as a person?
Did we hear someone else’s story that moved us to take on
a new belief or position on a particular issue?
Did we unexpectedly cross a threshold that will forever affect who we are?
For Abram and Sarai, lech l’cha and l’chi lach meant that they would each
Their journey, however, would have consequences for their children,
their grandchildren and other generations yet to come.
For us, every day, every step we take, is significant,
and we may realize that in the moment
or we may only know it later.  
We may even respond to our own “lech l’cha” or “l’chi lach” 
when we stop and see that HOLINESS, k’dushah, 
is all around us, ours for the taking.
Every space can be a MAKOM KADOSH, a holy place,
And when we rise every morning, we can make each day KADOSH, holy,
through what we learn and through what we do
to make that time special and meaningful.
May the words we pray and sing tonight help us,
individually and together, to find the holy, HAKADOSH,
in the where and when of our lives.    And let us say Amen. 

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