Friday, December 31, 2010

Don't ONLY Look Back - December 31, 2010

Time and life
require us
to move forward.
We may find
looking at
past choices and
crucial decisions
with, in some cases, pride,
and in others, regret.
We may believe
that we can fix
and redeem
mistakes and
errors in judgment
by using the same strategy
with minor modifications.
Sometimes, the lesson
we must learn
is that we must adopt
a totally new approach,
using newly-found wisdom
to fashion a different
foundation in our thinking.
To do so, we may need
to listen more intently
to the many voices
inside of ourselves
in order to find
a healthy combination
of head and heart,
rather than just one or the other.
Like Moses, we need to be brave and persistent.
Like Aaron, we must have words at our command that tell our story and clearly reveal our desires, even our demands
of ourselves and others.
Like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,
whom we remember this month,
we need to find our dream,
our goal, and try to reach it
in a way that is peaceful
and hopeful
with words and actions
that can bring about change
because the ultimate aim itself
speaks to the core of
human decency and goodness.
As Moses and Aaron continued to cry to Pharaoh and all of Egypt,
“Let my people go!”
the people themselves
had to let go of the mindset
of a slave
one step at a time
So that when their day of liberty came, they would be ready
to focus on a future of freedom
rather than
harboring bitterness and hatred
at those who had so ruthlessly
oppressed them.
Every community
has an opportunity
to choose to move forward
with determination and hope,
looking at the new reality
of the present
recognize how it can lead
to the creation of a bright future
founded on generosity of spirit,
understanding and hope.
May we face the coming days
as one community
and along with all humanity
moving forward

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