Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Chains of Events - November 24, 2010

Joseph dreamed two dreams
which his brothers and his father thought
illustrated Joseph's arrogance in the present
rather than his fortuitous leadership
in the future.
Joseph had no idea
nor did his father
or his brothers
that sharing his dreams
would lead to a chain of events -
slavery, incarceration,
interpreting dreams
to being second only to Pharaoh –
which would ultimately
save the lives of their family.
Any event, decision, conversation or dream
can be a part of such a chain.
That is why every moment of our lives
can be significant, even crucial to our future.
We may only discover the importance of one episode
when looking back to the past,
but such reflection can enable us
to sharpen our vision for the days to come.
May those days see us turn division into unity
and challenge into promise.
Rabbi Larry

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