Thursday, December 13, 2018

Reveal our Lights - D’var Torah - Temple Beth-El Las Cruces Board meeting - December 13, 2018

Eternal God,

Our Creator

Who rolls darkness away from light,

Uncover and reveal the lights inside of us that You have nurtured throughout our lives

The light of kindness, which guides us to offer support and concern to our fellow human beings and to overcome heartlessness and cruelty; 

The light of truth, which leads us to discover, speak and share what is true and real and to gives us the strength to prevent deception from allowing justice and fairness to flourish;

The light of wisdom, which enables us to develop our most creative ideas and to share them in ways that engender cooperation;

The light of patience, which makes it possible for us to be accepting of others when we might not otherwise not be;

The light of leadership, which gives us the opportunity to find new abilities within ourselves and to inspire others;

The light of healing, through which we are able to let go of past hurts that can cause us pain and hold us back, and to overcome the challenges to our well-being that are a part of our present; 

The light of dedication, which binds us together in vision, friendship, and community as we walk our common path side-by-side. 

Be with us, Eternal One, and may Your light always make our lights shine.  

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